Our Repairs Service


We are able to repair Easycut knives young and old. Please click the appropriate link for details on how to send your knife.


- My knife and/or transformer is less than one year old
- My knife is more than one year old



Things To Note


Upside-Down Blade?


If the blade is installed incorrectly it will cause the mechanism of the knife to break. Please ensure you install the blade correctly. Click here to see a diagram.



Wet or Dry?


After washing the head of your knife, ensure it is thoroughly dry before re-applying it to the body. Any droplets of water on the head could run down and intefere with the electrics in the body of the knife.



Products Without Warranty


We regret to inform you that products marked as 'spare parts' do not come with any warranty. This includes; cables, blades, stones, nuts, bolts, screws etc. If you believe the product to be defective upon arrival please return it with a copy of the original invoice for inspection. We do not repair transformers, feel free to phone us for a price.



Bring it to us


It is sometimes possible to offer repairs to be carried out on the day you need it. If you are around the local area and don't mind waiting for a little while, you can bring your knife to our counter to have it analysed for repair. Just punch in our postcode (LS11 8HA) into your sat-nav and come visit us.


The repair counter is available between 9am while 12pm, and 1pm while 5pm every weekday excluding bank holidays.


We do not repair products listed as 'spare parts' (e.g. cables, blades, stones, nuts, bolts, screws etc.).


We do not repair transformers, feel free to phone us for a price.